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Travel To GreeceThere is no place on earth richer in story, myth, and historical artifacts than the ancient land of Greece. This trip focuses on the significant events that took place here, the people (soldiers and thinkers and artisans) who changed our world, and – along the way – the Apostle Paul and the churches he founded here.

This 10-day trip sets an ambitious itinerary. We see a great deal of Greece as we drive to fabulous and famous destinations. And we get to visit most of the major sites and museums of Greece within a relatively short span of time.

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Upcoming Trip: September 16-28, 2016 (learn more!)

When we travel to Greece, we will visit the following cities:

  • Athens
    • National Archaeological Museum
    • Night Walk of the Acropolis
    • Acropolis – Parthenon, Erechtheon, and Temple of Athena Nike
    • Agora
    • Areopagus
    • New Acropolis Museum
  • Thermopylae
    • The famous battle of the “300” Spartans and the Persian horde
    • See where King Leonidas took his last breath
  • Meteora
    • Incredible glacier-etched rock formations
    • Hermit monks set up monasteries atop the cliffs
  • Vergina
    • Museum of Aigai
    • See where Alexander the Great buried his father, Philip II
  • Philippi
    • Incredible city ruins and museum
    • Some of the most significant political, military, and religious events in history happened here
  • Delphi
    • The home of the Pythia oracle and the Temple of Apollo
    • See the Homeric Hymn to Apollo (where we see the first instance of musical notation) and more in the museum
    • Breathtaking views of Mt Parnassus
  • Olympia
    • Home of the Olympic Games – see the original Olympic Stadium!
    • Temple of Zeus
    • Museum that includes arrowheads from Thermopylae (many of which passed through Spartan soldiers)
  • Corinth
    • Home to Paul and Oedipus
    • Rich monuments and buildings, including some of the most famous ancient Greek artwork in the museum
    • AcroCorinth
  • Mycenae
    • Home of Agamemnon
    • First sample of human writing
    • Beehive tombs
    • Ancient “palace”
  • Nafplio
    • Honeymoon capital
    • Lovely city right on the water
    • Acme of souvenir shopping

Cost: $2795 per person plus airfare (see what’s included in our travels to Greece)

(Our October Trip will involve thirteen days and also includes time on the islands of Crete and Santorini! Only $3495–including airfare to and from the islands.)

Want to know more? Check out these other sites with great information:

  1. Odysseus – Hellenic Ministry of Culture (official information about museums and sites)
  2. Lonely Planet Greece (detailed information about sites, culture and need-to-know)
  3. Rick Steves’ Greece (relevant and amusing tips, information and experience)

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